Wk5 – 8M Speedwork & attacked by a bulldog…

I say ‘attacked’…. I wasn’t really attacked… he was just wanting to run along and play, but as it was a bull dog…and it was dark…I had my music on… it was on one of my fast intervals, and didn’t I expect him to jump up …and he managed to touch my leg(!!) – it did give me a bit of a scare.

As the owner was frantically scrambling about for her lead…. some swear words might just have slipped out of my mouth as I ran on.  No harm done. 😉 And it possibly made me run faster (after I refrained from kicking it!! :-O – I wouldn’t!!)

Thursday night and I got ready straight after work.  3 layers on top, 3/4 length trousers and knee high socks, two buffs, one cap and a pair of thin gloves.  Toasty!  It was 3’C when I left and 0’C when I finished.  :-S

I had planned another speedwork intervals session, and this time I decided I’d run a very flat route (2 miles) to Glasgow Green, 6 x 3 min : 3 min reps in the park, then back to my car at work.

Here’s how it went:

A bit better than last weeks 7.45 miles in just under an hour, but then last week it was slushy underfoot and I was avoiding traffic etc.  The Glasgow Green route is ideal for getting speed up with no chances of anything (apart from the odd dog … 😉 ) getting in my way!

My heart rate maxed at 174 (92%) on the last fast interval,  but on average it was 156 (82%)… so not bad at all.  When I got to an hour of running, I stopped my Garmin and it said 7.94 miles, so I ran on a little to make it up to 8 miles – spot on at my car in the car park!  Definitely a route for future speedwork!

I got a PB for the hour… 🙂  Two PBs in two nights… makes Lorn a happy bunny!

Here’s the map (and a pretty(?) graph 😉 ):

Run: 8M, 1:00:389, Pace: 7:35, 7.9mph, Calories: 668.
Ave HR: 156 (82%), Max HR: 174 (92%), Garmin Training Effect: 4.2

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