Wk9 – 7.2M Speed with every even mile faster

After a long day at work on Wednesday (I didn’t go swimming at night as I had planned…work seemed to get in the way)…in the back of my mind I wasn’t really fancying a 7 mile speed session this morning… but I managed to ignore the Excuse Gremlins speaking in my ear at 6:15am and managed to get up and out the door for 6:39.

I’d had a bowl of Special K and although I had a speed session planned, I figured if I just went out and ran, I’d see what happened.  No pressure.

The thought of long ‘speed’ sessions always puts me off.  Anything over 6 miles and I think…it’ll take too long, it’ll be too hard.  So those thoughts (little Gremlins) were going around my head last night and this morning before going.  But I managed to drag my ass out the door, so that’s all that matters.

And I’m glad I did.  After a warm up 1st mile, I tried to push the pace a little on the 2nd mile.  I was glad when the 3rd mile came along, and pushed a little harder on the 4th mile again. The 4th mile was down Nithsdale so I got a bit of a help from ‘gravity’ and the slight hill. 🙂

At the end of the 4th mile, my lace was feeling a little loose, but I waited until the fast mile was over before I tied it.  Daylight was breaking as I ran up St Andrews Drive, I had just under 3 miles to go.  The 5th mile was at an easy pace, then I tried to push faster for the 6th mile.

With just over a mile to go, I eased off the pace, but as it’s slightly downhill and because I’d picked up the pace a bit in the last mile, I managed to keep quite a steady pace.  I did 10k in about 48:30 – good pace.

Then on the final 0.17 miles, I picked up the pace again.  Practicing sprinting home.  The conditions were strange this morning.  Sort of foggy… and a bit cold but not too bad, about 3’C.  The roads and pavements were pretty quiet and by the time I got back to the flat just after half 7 it was pretty much daylight.

I finished the run in 55:48, which is 4 minutes fastser than when I did the same route in October 2010! 26 seconds a mile faster this time!  I was pretty chuffed with that, and I was very glad I ignored the excuse gremlins and got myself out of bed for the run this morning.  Well worth it for a great sense of acheivement!

Run: 7.17M, 55:48, Pace: 7:45, 7.7mph, Calories: 752.
Ave HR: 164 (86%), Max HR: 179 (94%)
Time until Lochaber Marathon: 5 weeks 3 days.
340 mile challenge: 212.6 miles completed, 127.4 miles to go

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