Wk4 – 10k Time Trial

Wednesday morning it was either going to be a slow 5 miles to replace the one I was meant to be doing at the weekend…or a fast 10k time trial. I put the vote out on facebook and two people came back with a fast 10k. So 10k it was.

I set the alarm for 6am and was out of bed for 6:05. I got outside, set my garmin and nike plus and started running. I was conscious that I was aiming for a fast time so tried to pick up the pace. About 2 minutes in my breathing seemed laboured and it was a bit of a struggle up the hill, but I felt strong and thought this might just be a good one. 5 minutes in and I was past the usual marker point for the route.

It wasn’t too cold this morning either… maybe 5’C?  I wasn’t really thinking about it.  But it was dark and the moon was out I noticed.  😀

I’d plotted a route which went from mine up to the women’s 10k route, then up to Haggs Road and instead of going into the dark and scary Pollock Park I turned back on myself and ran back along Dumbreck Road towards Nithsdale Road. 5k in about 23 minutes…. I’d notice each mile so far was under 8 minute miles and each time I looked at my garmin it seemed to show 8.0mph or more – unusual.

I powered on up Nithsdale Road, I noticed a slight hill, before going along Maxwell Drive, Aytoun Road and back down Sheilds Road. I misjudged the 6.2 mile distance slightly with walkjogrun.co.uk…and had to do a little extra at the flat, so next time I do that route I’ll add a bit on at Haggs Road.

Anyway – a great run… a PB for the 10k in 46:22. My Heart rate went up to 188 (99%) and it appeared on the garmin to go up to 209, but I think that was an error.  Here are the mile splits:

Run: 10k, 46:22, Pace: 7:28, 8.0mph, Calories: 652.
Ave HR: 168 (88%), Max HR: 188 (99%)
340 mile challenge: 68.4 miles completed, 271.5 miles to go

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