Wk1 Wednesday 5.1M speed session

Wednesday morning… 5:20 I woke up after having a dream I cycled the 5 miles I was going to run this morning, on a spin bike… I fell back to sleep.  6:05 I woke up having dreamt that I had run the 5 miles I was going to run.

So when I woke up I realised I hadn’t actually run it, and would need to do it all over again! Arg.  I managed to get up that’s the main thing. 😀

I left the flat just before 6:40 after having a small bowl of cereal to keep me going.  The plan was 1 mile warm up, 1 mile fast, 1 mile recovery , 1 mile fast, 1.1 miles recovery.

However, that didn’t really happen as unfortunately it was slightly icy under foot.  It was 2’C and I didn’t think it would be as bad as it was. 

Thin icy patches over parts of some pavements.  😦  The roads were ok and I opted to run on them for some of it as long as it was safe (not many cars about at that time anyway).

It was ok for the half a mile or so, then I noticed my feet slipping slightly. 

Mile 1: 8:37 / 7.0 mph
Comfortable pace, noticed ice underfoot and realised the speed work might not happen today.
Mile 2: 8:44 (8:15 as tied lace) / 7.3mph
Slightly uphill, stopped to tie lace for about 30 secs and stopped for black / sheet ice on pavement (took this photo).
Mile 3: 8:34 / 7.0mph
Up and over hill, stopped for ice again and had to move onto road for part of it.
Mile 4: 8:10 / 7.3 mph
Slightly downhill, cautious on ice.
Mile 5: 8:19 7.2mph
Cautious again, feet slipping slightly when I tried to push it.
Final 0.12 mile: 7:35 / 7.9mph

So the speed work did work, sort of, not as much of a difference in miles 2 & 4 compared to 1,3 & 5 but a good start considering the ice this morning.

I think I did not bad considering and my heart rate showed I worked pretty hard anyway.

Run: 5.12 miles, 42:50, 8:21 / 7.2mph, Calories: 549
Ave HR: 163 (86%), Max HR: 187 (98%)

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