Wk7 – 5M Winter Series wi Gill

I thought I’d get Gill to do some speedwork today.  She wants to get faster over 5 miles and speedwork just might help her to do that.  We’ve been doing the same 5 mile route over Winter: from Bellahouston, along Dumbreck, up Terregles Avenue and down Nithsdale Road back to Bella Park.

Gill has been managing to get a more steady average pace and keeping strong throughout. Today I thought it’d be good to get her running some speed intervals to push her a little.

Here’s what we did:

10 mins warm up:
7 x 1:1 mins fast:recovery
2 mins recovery
7 x 1:1 mins fast:recovery
5 mins cool down / run as you feel.

Speedwork has the odd way of making your recovery splits seem slow, but actually you’re probably going at a good pace, it’s just a little slower than your fast splits.

Gill did well to push herself right the way through, and at the end with about half a mile to go, I realised she would probably do a good PB for the route.  🙂

Here are the splits and comparison to our previous runs on that route:

Gill took it easy last week as she had a cold, but she did brillantly this week knocking around 3:30 off her 5 mile time and getting under 9 minute miles over the whole route.

I think she did really well and I think it set her up to have a good day.  🙂

Bodypump for me later and I’m looking forward to it.

Run: 5M, 44:48, Pace: 8:58, Calories: 367.
Ave HR: 131 (69%), Max HR: 151 (80%), Garmin Training Effect: 2.5

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