Wk10 – 10k in the rain

Wednesday night and my friend picked me up from work so that we could go straight to the start of the women’s 10k route and run it before it got dark. It was raining quite heavily, and it ended up raining non stop the whole time we were out – but at least it was still light.

We got to Fleurs Avenue at the start of the route just beofre half 5.  I was going to do a test.  My friend said sometimes she was finding it hard running, that her breathing would go out of kilter and she would struggle whilst running.

She did a PB of the route in 2009 (51:42) and wanted to get to that level again, but she’d been impacted by a long term IT Band injury (for 1 year so far).  It was limiting her runs to shorter distances and she’d only just got up to running for an hour or more.

I wanted to see how her heart was performing at a pace which I always found quite comfortable.  I lent her my heart rate monitor for my Garmin, so that we could look at the graph and see what her heart rate was donig over the 10k route.

And here it is… the blip at the start was where she got the sensors working, then she averaged a heart rate of 172 throughout the route.  I also wore my own heart rate monitor to compare.

About 2 miles in I noticed her heart rate was 171, which is 93% of her max, whilst my heart rate was 145 (76%) of my max.  So she was working a hell of a lot harder to get around at the pace we were going (between 8:20 – 8:45 min miles).  IT was a bit of a shock to see 171 on my garmin as it would usually be my heart rate on there, and if it was at 171 I would be working REALLY hard.

So there’s a main difference here.  It maybe proves with me running longer, and doing tempo and speedwork, I’m improving my level of fitness compared to others who just ‘run’.

Anyway, I couldn’t really keep an eye on our pace as we were running as I’d covered my watch with my jacket, but I thought we were running quite steadily.

We finished the 10k route in 53:10 = an 8:34 min per mile pace (compared to her PB of 8:21 mins per mile in May 2009).   I have to remind her that she’s coming back from injury and she might not get the 51 minute time she is hoping for but we’ll see how she gets on.

Maybe some tempo runs and speedwork mixed in might help:

There are a few ways you can train your body to run faster…

Tempo runs
You build the middle section up and add a few mins of fast running on as time goes on.
10 min warm up
10 mins as fast as you can (tempo)
10 min cool down

You start with 1 fast mile with 0.25 miles recover, then repeat until you end up doing 6 miles
1 mile warm up
1 mile as fast as you can
0.25 mile recovery slow jog
1 mile as fast as you can
0.25 mile recovery slow jog
And so on…
1 mile cool down

Both ways teach your body to run faster and if you want to beat your pb you could introduce some of the above into your training pattern.

They seem to have worked for me and I always feel brilliant after a fast tempo run or a speed workout.  It’s amazing what you can push your body to do when you try.

Run: 6.67M, 58:28 (10k in 53:10), Pace: 8:34, (7mph), Calories: 689.
Ave HR: 145 (76%), Max HR: 159 (84%).
(My friends Ave HR: 172 (93%), Max HR: 186 (100%)

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