Wk20 Summary & Wk 21 Plan

After a busy week the week before week 19 started off with plenty of rest, then I built it up with a long run, short run and three strength workouts.  It was a week off work, so I didn’t have 3 runs, but enjoyed my time off work anyway.  And I had 3 days rest into the bargain.  🙂

I said last week I was going to stop relying on crappy food like mars bars, and I did.  I was out a lot more for lunch and dinner which helped, but I snacked on fruit when I could.  I think I only had one snack sized mars bar all week!

And one thing I did this week was get to grips with the TRX in the gym. 🙂  I like a lot and came up with this TRX workout for me to try out in parts when I’m in (as part of a circuit)! 

Here’s what I did exercise wise anyway:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Nice and easy 10.25M with Julie Ann
1:39, Ave HR: 141, Max HR: 158, GTE: 3.1, Calories: 774.

Thursday: Legs, Chest, Shoulders, Arms, TRX
1:20, Ave HR: 115, Max HR: 151, GTE: 2.1, Calories: 383

Friday: Legs, Back, Shoulders, TRX
1:00, Ave HR: 123, Max HR: 161, GTE: 2.6, calories: 376

Saturday: 4,1M Run
37:00, Ave HR: 140, Max HR: 158, GTE: 2.6, Calories: 330
1 hour Saturday Circuits TRX & Kettlebell
1hr, Ave HR: 128, Max HR: 151, GTE: 2.2, Calories: 400.

Sunday: Rest

After a good and quite restful week last week, here’s what I’m planning this week (most workouts are in the morning unless otherwise stated):

Monday: 12M run (PM) – running some of it with the Glasgow Running Network.
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: AM: Chest, Shoulders, Arms, Plyo PM: 1 hr easy run
Thursday: 5M run
Friday: Legs, Back, Abs
Saturday: Saturday Circuits & 30 mins cardio.
Sunday: Rest

Still keeping on track with my training plan for Strength and the Barrathon


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