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Wk3 – 5k speedwork then Bodypump: it all nearly killed me

Ok. So, can you tell me – why did I think, doing a 5k speed session (with my heart rate averaging 85% for just under 25 mins, maxing at 96%) BEFORE Bodypump, was a good idea?? 😉 We got to … Continue reading

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Training Plan Wk3

Training in Wk2 went well… a bit of rest and recovery from running, and LOTS of strength work.  I had a niggle in my left hip flexor at the start of the week, so I stayed off running until Friday … Continue reading

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You can do it!

A little girl in my swimming lessons last night was saying to me… ‘I cannie do it, I cannie do it!’… I replied to her that ‘cannie‘ isn’t a word, and that she can do it.  She’s very cute. She came along … Continue reading

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Two Week Food Test – Wk 1 complete

I was sort of dreading the weekend with this Two Week Food Test.  I thought temptation and training would get in the way, but I actually did quite well.  I’m managing to restrict the carbs, but not totally cut them … Continue reading

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