Training Plan Wk3

Training in Wk2 went well… a bit of rest and recovery from running, and LOTS of strength work.  I had a niggle in my left hip flexor at the start of the week, so I stayed off running until Friday morning, and it seemed to work.  That’s why I think this two week rotation (one hard week, one easy week) is hopefully going to be good for me… and prevent me overtraining or getting injuries (fingers crossed / touch wood etc).

Here’s what I did: Green = planned, Red = additional, Scored out = didn’t do.

Mon: AM 5M easy run, PM Upper Weights, then Bodypump
Tue: PM Spin and Swim
Wed: AM Circuits, PM Tempo 5M run (at 7:26 ish?)  Swim
Thu: AM: Lower/Upper weights, PM Run, Swim or rest.
Fri: AM: 5M Tempo Run  Rest
Sat: Long walk, not sure where yet. Weights, lower and upper, 2M easy run
Sun: Rest.

Here’s the plan for this week, Week 3 of the Highland Fling Training plan:

Mon: AM: Rest (only got 1 hour of sleep Sunday night – Arg!) PM 3M easy run, Bodypump.
Tue: AM: Lower Weights, PM: 5M easy, Swim.
Wed: AM: Circuits, PM: 7M speed, 0.5M warm up, (1M fast, 1M recovery) x3, 0.5M cool down.
Thu: AM: Upper Weights, PM: 4-5M steady.
Fri: Rest
Sat: AM: 4 – 5 hour run, possibly from Drymen out and back.
Sun: Rest 


Oh – and I’m having porridge before my long run – carbs or no carbs… I’m going to be running for a long time… so I’m ditching the Two Week Food Test for a few hours!!

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