Two Week Food Test – Wk 1 complete

I was sort of dreading the weekend with this Two Week Food Test.  I thought temptation and training would get in the way, but I actually did quite well.  I’m managing to restrict the carbs, but not totally cut them out. (Banana here, milk there).

Friday night we were out at the cinema, then we went to Ask after it for an Italian.  I had a chicken, prawn and tomato based casserole which was very tasty.  There was bread with it, which I had a bit of, but not all of it. 

Then on Saturday we went out for lunch after a mega workout in the gym (at Crabby Macs on Otago St – nice wee place).  I had a prawn thing (with salad etc) for a starter and a really nice bit of Sea Bass with veg.  Easy peasy!  I also had a chinese takeaway at the weekend: Chicken and Cashew nuts… hold the rice… I had garden peas with it instead.  Sorted! 

I’ve surprised myself how well I am staying off chocolate (mars bars / snickers) and managing to stay away from porridge / cereal too!  I guess you just need to put your mind to it, plan and know what you’re going to eat and stick to it. 

Although on Saturday morning I tried something a bit different.  I’ve been eating scrambled eggs for breakfast (and tomatoes on the side).  Whilst it fills me up, I’ve not been enjoying it too much… more just getting through it until it’s finished.  Until Saturday that is.  🙂  On Saturday, I decided I’d try and sweeten things up a bit, and added a squeeze-full of honey into the eggs before they were cooked.  I have to say, they taste a lot nicer.  It may sound weird and perhaps even boke worthy… but I like it. Lol

I went food shopping on Sunday and noticed that I spent a lot more time in the fruit and veg aisle, and no time in the microwave meal aisle, so I think I might just have improved my eating habits (and hope to keep it up).  The shopping was a similar price as usual, or maybe a tenner more expensive, which is ok.

I even bought a small smoked haddock for tomorrow mornings breakfast… I have to say, I have NEVER had fish in the morning!  However I did manage to buy a soup kit of leek and potato soup (not allowed potatoes… ahem… I won’t notice when it’s blended… 😉  )

One thing I have noticed, is that I seem to be eating my food slower… carrot sticks, eggs, soup, salad.  All very filling and I don’t gobble it up the way I do carb rich meals!

My main aim of this was to try out new foods which would perhaps be more healthy than my usual staple diet, to make me think about what I eat and to hopefully get me eating more healthily for fuelling my training.  After the Two Week Food Test I’ll introduce some whole carbs (porridge, wholewheat etc) and try and stay off the sweet and refined stuff.

Roll on week two (and a week today when I can get back to eating what I want – including some of the things I’ve had in this fortnight).

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