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Weight Lifting Tips for Women

Women are hitting the weight room in record numbers, and a new study found that weight-training injuries among women have jumped a whopping 63 percent. Here are the most common slipups and how to fix them, so you leave the … Continue reading

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You can do it!

A little girl in my swimming lessons last night was saying to me… ‘I cannie do it, I cannie do it!’… I replied to her that ‘cannie‘ isn’t a word, and that she can do it.  She’s very cute. She came along … Continue reading

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Getting Started 10k Training Plan

If you’re thinking of starting running or you’ve entered your first 10k event, this Training Plan could be just what you need to kick start your running. Starting out running We’ve all had to start running at some point, and … Continue reading

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Winter Ultra Run Challenge

Mid to late October 2011 and I was about 3 weeks into my original ‘Ultra Challenge?‘ training plan where I was going to aim train to run 50 miles from Glasgow to Inverarnan.  Here’s the plan I had: My Winter Ultra Run … Continue reading

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Wk43 – Training Plan

After a good rest over the weekend: Friday: Rest day Saturday: 12 mile walk Sunday: Took my niece swimming and taught swimming for 4 hours. Monday morning: Lie in, swim later. I’m planning on the following training this week: Monday … Continue reading

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Thinking about running an ultramarathon?

Thinking about doing an ultra marathon? 8 weeks ago I decided I was going to enter an ultramarathon. I did think it might be a tall order, but after having completed the training for the marathon in April and completing … Continue reading

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IT band rehab workout

In my quest for getting my IT band back to normal… I’ve come up with the following workout to help strengthen my legs and hopefully get me back running soon. For more informatin on IT band friction Syndrome (ITBFS) go … Continue reading

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