Got my new garmin 405 strap

I got my new Garmin 405 strap today, ordered from Amazon for £16. It came all the way from NJ, USA.  I maybe could have contacted Garmin before I bought the new strap, but my Garmin 405 is way outside it’s warranty, (bought in December 08) so I figured they’d tell me to buy one anyway.

The connectors on my old strap which hold the buckle in broke the other day so I forked out for a new strap.

I’ll attempt to fix it tonight (I’ve heard it can be tricky to fix). Fingers crossed it goes on ok. 🙂

Update – that wasn’t all that tricky at all… although I wonder what I would have done without the internet!

How to change a strap for a Garmin 405

I got the bits out of the bag, and looked at my Garmin 405 and thought… how do I do this then?  Then I went onto Google and put in ‘ how do I change the strap on my Garmin 405 ‘

And this page came up with lots of training videos for the Garmin 405 and 405CX:

Garmin > Learning Centre > Training Videos > Forerunner 405

Then this video shows you what you need to know to change the strap:

It only took about half a minute and it’s worked a treat!  🙂

Happy running from now on (minus the temporary hair band strap holder) for me. 😀

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