How you see yourself is important

Sandra posted this on Facebook and said it reminded her of me. Ha ha. (Invisible) Cape and super hero costume ON. 🙂

Today, walking to work, (green!) shorts on with the blue sky above me I felt pretty good. After a few days of feeling a bit off, and lots of things coming into my life at once… I was finally feeling like I was in control again.

I felt like someone was watching over me, making sure everything would be ok and things would pick up for the better.

I was thinking maybe it’s Granny and Norma looking out for me. 😉

Last night I posted an ad on gumtree for my flat let, and right away I got one person really interested, and since then another 6 or 7 have asked about it. So it looks like that will take care of itself over the next month. Fingers crossed.

Walking to work I really felt like I had my cape on. And I had a good day too, plenty of work done, helping people out, some good meetings set up and a good meeting had too. Then I came home and managed an easy run wi Fit Girl before dinner.

Have you been wearing your cape recently? I sure have. 😉

If you haven’t been, take a read of the post above, get your cape on and fly. 🙂

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