Alternatives to ‘Nek Nominations’

There’s been a lot recently about Nek Nominations, from harmless and funny downing a pint or giving a present, to sad stories of young people dying after being nominated to do something challenge or nasty…

The guy below drank a mixture of dead animals (mice) and insects… and this is what one of my friends on Facebook posted. She has a point!

My understanding of Nek Nomination is where you do something challenging or stupid, film it and put it on Facebook, and during the video, nominate two others to do something.

Sort of peer pressure, sort of fun, sort of stupid. I don’t really go for these social network things… Post a picture of a giraffe or Write a stupid phrase because someone told you to.

There have been sad stories of young people dying after being swept away, and other nasty stories about animal cruelty and sheer dangerous stupidity.

But there have also been funny videos like these:

A friend from school, dressed up funny in a leotard, doing KB presses and downing a pint.

Or another school friend dressed up as a nurse, downing a cider, then running next door to give a her kid neighbour a teddy bear and Easter egg.

I have to say I found it funny to watch. Stupid, simple, fun.

But it’s so far removed from what I know.

From who I am, I thought perhaps people could do a more positive alternative, somethings which I can relate to, things which are a part of me, include:

– Giving blood: saving a life
– Getting Fit
– Being Nice
– Reading a Book
– Having a Mascot
– Believing in Rainbows
– Raising money for Charity
– Being Super!

Save a Life Nomination

Not everyone can give blood, so this one might not work, but Save a Life Nomination would involve going to give blood, then nominating two others to give blood.

And if you can’t give blood, you can spread the word, and nominate two others to give blood. 🙂 1 pint can save 3 lives. And the more people nominated, the more pints given, hopefully.

I’d like this one. I’m giving my next pint on the 3rd March.

Fit Nomination

If being nominated means you have to challenge yourself, what better way to challenge yourself. Fit can be running, swimming, walking, biking, classes – any type of fitness to challenge you and help improve your health.

So I would run 13 miles for example, and nominate two people to run a different distance – it wouldn’t need to be massive, but could be a challenge to the people I’ve nominated.

Or if it was a big distance, you could give them a month to do it. Train to 10 miles in a month. Then once you’ve done your challenge, you nominate two others to do something you think will challenge them (and get them fitter): swim 50 lengths, walk 5 miles, run 5 or 26.2 miles.

Be Nice Nomination

Be Nice Nomination would be where you are nice to two people, then you nominate them to be nice to two more people.

Similar to the ‘paying it forward’ idea, it could be flowers, a present, a treat, something which would make the person you’re being nice to, smile.

You could let the two people know why they’re do important to you, or what they mean to you, and then finish it off with a nice present. Or you could cut their grass, or help and old person, be nice or give something. 🙂

Read a Book Nomination

Read a good book recently? Or is there a book that changed your life? Read a book, then nominate two others to read it.

All of my books are fitness, health, mind or exercise related, but I could nominate someone who I think would benefit from one of them.

I’d recommend ‘The Happiness Code’ to anyone who wants to read a nice uplifting book.

Mascot Nomination

You have a cuddly you that you love right? Like Asda and Jasper? Or Iggle Piggle? 😉

Well what you do is you buy two friends a mascot, a small toy they include in their life. They can take it in their bag, take photos of it where they go, and post it to Facebook. 😉

It’s a bit of fun, gets a laugh and gets people thinking you’re crazy. 😉 Iggle Piggle on his adventures, Spot the Duck, Asda and Jasper on their adventures. Lol.

You could give one of your toys away, or buy a new toy for each of the two people you nominate, then get them to look after and have their own mascot as part of their life. Funny stuff.

Rainbow Nomination

Each time you see a rainbow, ralf a photo of it, post it to Facebook and nominate two others to do the same.

Or alternatively, post a picture of a rainbow to someone’s page if it reminds you of them. I believe in rainbows, they make me smile. Get others to smile when they see rainbows too.

Charity Nomination

This would be where you would give money to a charity of your choice, then you would nominate two others to give to charities of their choice. It wouldn’t need to be much, whatever they chose to give. Giving back, and getting lots of people to give to charity.

Or this could be tied into the fit nomination too… ‘I’ll run 15 miles, if two people sponsor me.’ Then those two people have to do something fit, and nominate two people to sponsor them do something fit!

Super Nomination

This could be where you spread awesomeness and super powers.

You do something amazing, then give two people the present of a cape:

Give people the power to believe in themselves. Head up, chest held high, get them to do something amazing.

Something they’re good at, or get them to challenge themselves – tie on their cape, and fly! (Literally).

You can be amazing and you can get your friends to be amazing too.

No danger, no death, no cruelty to animals, just charity, giving, improving and challenges. 🙂

You could post pictures or videos of your achievement, then nominate two people to do the same.

Can you think of any more?

Or which one are you going to do? 😉

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