Need motivation? – part 3 of 3

How can you get motivated to improve and become the best version of you?

Following on from my 7 out of 10 steps this week on how to get motivated, here are some steps you can follow, steps 8-10 today:

8. Start each day as a new day (‘reset’)
We can’t always be saints all of the time. Sometimes we have a bad week or a bad day. Life takes over sometimes, and before you know it you’ve missed your workout and you’ve eaten crap all day.

What’s done is done. Let it go and move on. Recognise why you didn’t do as well as you did that day, and reset the next day. What will you do differently?

You choose what you do and what you make time for. You choose what you eat and drink. Make good positive choices to help you achieve your goal.

9. Continually assess your progress
As you go along with your plan, assess how you’re doing with it. I review my training and progress once a week and try to improve what I’ve been doing based on how I did the week before. It helps me make sure I’m on target and still motivated to continue.

(I’m also putting my plans out there, so that if I’m tempted to skive off, I’ve just told hundreds of people I’m going to do something, so I’d better do it!)

You don’t need to do a weekly blog like I do (although you can if you want)… you could write it down in a journal, or discuss it and make plans with your partner or friend.

Remember to make sure your goal is still important and your plan is working. If you can’t fit your exercise in, change your plan or workout a time when you can fit it in next week. If you’re not eating right, or not losing weight, change your plan. Change what you eat, drink more water. Bit by bit you can find what works for you.

10. Review your goals to make sure they’re still working
Sometimes motivation can be lost because the goal we had looses importance, life takes over or we fall back into old ways.

Review your goals regularly and help them make a change in your life and lifestyle forever. If you’re not sure about goals, find a coach or personal trainer to help you. Check out Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat Feed the muscle, Google it or ask a friend who’s done it for some help.

Or type ‘goals’ in the search bar of my blog, or go here:

More info:


1. Here’s a list of books I’d recommend to help you make your change:
– Burn the fat, feed the muscle by Tom Venuto
– How to take charge of your life by Richard Bandler
(See summary here:
– The Calorie Myth by Jonathan Bailor
– A good day at the office by Dr John Briffa
– The new rules of lifting supercharged by Lou Schuler
– The Happiness Code by Dominique Bertolucci
– Small move, big change by Caroline Arnold

2. Take my super human test to see what you could improve upon.

3. Get your cape on. :-). You can do this!

Here’s part 1 and 2:

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