Wk4 – Circuits after a long rest day

I took Tuesday off as a proper rest day.  I did absolutley nothing apart from sleep, read, drink, eat, and make tomato and basil soup (and ate it).  I got lots of sleep and hopefully have recovered ok from the long run on Saturday (see here about the side effects from the run). 

Slow Burn: Burn Fat Faster by Exercising SlowerAs well as sleeping a lot yesterday, I was reading a book I got: ‘Slow Burn’ by Stu Mittleman.  Interesting reading… I’ll perhaps do a little write up of it soon.  Some interesting ideas on training and nutrition and how to fuel your runs.

Wednesday morning, I felt good when I woke up… apart from having a bad dream with my ex in it. Boak.  😛  I’m trying to forget about it…

Anyway… Circuits with Gill at Bella.

We did the usual warm up, 3 x 7 exercises, then the 25 x 1 minute of different exercises. 

As usual, it ws hard work… but well worth it.  🙂

Circuits: 45:00, 350 cals.
Ave HR: 136 (71%), Max HR: 158 (83%), Garmin Training Effect: 2.7

Oh – and I had KIPPERS (and a tomato) this morning… not sure if I liked them or not – they weren’t as nice as the smoked haddock I had another morning anyway.  😀


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