Wk4 – Bodypump

One of the last things I wanted to do today was going to Bodypump after work… as the end of the day came closer and closer….all I could think about was getting home and crawling into bed.

I gave Fit Girl the deciding vote as to whether I should go or not.  I was booked in for 6pm for an hour session at Drumoyne and Fit Girl was going to pick me up from work and take me straight there.

Fit Girl decided I should go.  So I did. We got to Drumoyne at around 17:15 and I decided I would try out the Bosu Ball.  No cardio, no hard work, just balance work.  It was pretty good, and very easy on me.

Bosu Ball: 20 mins, each exercise 1 minute:

Jog on spot
Balance both legs
Balance single leg, left and right
Side Squats & Hops
Front Jumps
Side to side jumps
Single Leg Abduction
Supine Bridge
V sit Ups
Push Ups
Jog on spot
Balance single leg, left and right

Then it was into Bodypump… I was careful this week to be lighter on my weights and think I got it just about right:

Warm up: 5kg
Squats: 7.5kg (up to 8.5kg next week)
Chest: 5kg
Back: 6kg
Triceps: 3.5kg on bar, 5kg plate
Biceps: 3.5kg
Lunges: 3.5kg
Shoulders: 3.5kg on bar, 3kg dumbells.

I’m glad I went and now I’m off to bed for an early night.  😀   Proper rest day tomorrow for me!

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