4 Week Half Marathon Training Plan

GSRsupergirlIt’s the Great Scottish Run in 4 weeks time (6th October), where thousands of people will run a 10k and half marathon as part of the big event in Glasgow.  Someone in work was asking if I thought he could train to run the half marathon in just 4 weeks.

He’s trained for and run half marathons before, but he’s recently had 6 weeks off running. I’m thinking, of course you can!

4 Week Half Marathon Training Plan

With this in mind, he (and you) could easily do the following to aim to do a half in 4 weeks:

Mon Date


Run 1

Run 2

Long Run



4 (e)

5 (in)




4 (e)

5-6.2 (in)




4 (e)

5 (in)




5 (in)

4 (e)


(*Distances in miles)

3 runs a week, ideally alternating with rest days between.
( e )  – 1 Easy run,
( in ) – 1 Intense run: intervals / hill work / time trial (or easy)  ( in )
         – 1 Long run (build up mileage weekly, long runs always followed by a rest day)

Ideas for intervals / effective workouts:
(choose one a week, or do an easy run instead):
– 45 mins Intervals: 10 min warm up, 12 x 1:1 fast: recover, 6 mins recovery
– 10k time trial – see how fast you can run 10k in
– 45 mins Intervals: 10 min warm up, 4 x 3:3 fast: recovery, 6 mins recovery
– 45 mins Intervals: 10 min warm up, 6 x 2:2 fast: recovery, 6 mins recovery
– 45 mins Hills: 10 min warm up, 25 mins hills, 10 mins recovery

In each 45 minute interval session you should aim to run FURTHER than the last time.(**Time in minutes)

If the worst comes to the worst, you could train for and do the 10k (with 4 weeks training), but with the training plan above, you should be able to easily train for and complete the half marathon.

More information about the Great Scottish Run
enternowgsrYou can enter by going here:
Enter the Great Scottish Run Online

Here are links to:  
The courses (10k and Half Marathon)
(course has changed since previous years)
The Great Scottish Run Facebook Page
My Lorn Pearson Trains Facebook Page

Here’s the event timetable for the weekend:

Saturday 5 October
09:45 Junior Run (2.5k)
10:30 Mini Run (1.5k)
11:15 Family Mile (1 mile)
12:00 Toddler Dash (100m approx.)

Sunday 6 October
09:30 10K
11.00 Half Marathon

Posts I’ve written about the Great Scottish Run
See posts I’ve written about the Great Scottish Run here.
Great Scottish Run(s) 2011
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Great Scottish Run dressed as Super Girl

Finally, here’s a video about the Great Scottish Run 2013:

Go on, enter, you know you want to.  🙂

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4 Responses to 4 Week Half Marathon Training Plan

  1. Ally Robb says:

    Lorn, I’m not understanding what you mean by 12 x 1:1 or 4 x 3:3 or 6 x 2:2 – would you mind explaining please? Ally

    • lornpearson says:

      Sure Ally. 12 x 1:1:
      You warm up for 10 mins.
      Then you run for 1 min fast.
      And you recover for 1 min (walk or jog slowly).
      You do this 12 times.
      Then you cool down for 6 mins.

      Does that make sense?
      (4 x 3:3 is 3 mins fast, 3 mins recovery 4 times etc)

  2. Ally Robb says:

    Thank you for explaining this – it makes sense now.

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