Wk5 – 18M long run

The 18 mile run on Saturday was good. Along the national cycle route 75 from Bellahouston past Paisley and almost onto Johnstone. A little undulating, but nothing too harsh. And the weather was ok too. A little chilly at the start and a little rainy at the end, but all in all it was good.

It was forecast to be raining and about 4’C. I wore my knee length nikes, my adidas T-shirt and my new orca high vis jacket. Then I thought it was a bit cold so I put a long sleeved top between the layers. I had a buff over my ears and put one around my neck. I figured if I’d be out fir nearly 3 hours it would be better to layer up and take any layers off if I was too hot.

And I was. 😛 After about half an hour I took my buff off that was round my neck. It wasn’t that cold after all. In fact, the conditions were ideal. I was warm, but not too warm.

We ran through Pollock Park. The river was high at what me and Jackie call the deepest darkest Forrest bit. And it seemed it had overflown with the heavy rain from the past few days. We got our trainers dirty running through the silt and then through a lot of debris.

We had some good chat. Julie ann is a good sociable runner and she is a very able runner too. ‘Any pace’ they call her. Lol

We ran for just over 9 miles, just following the signs for NCN 75. And it was a nice route. The majority of it was off road and not much traffic when we did need to cross roads.

When we were a mile from Bella it started spitting, then it was raining by the time we got back. Just in time.

My T-shirt an long sleeved top were ringing wet by the time we stopped. I can’t decide whether it was rain through my ‘waterproof’ jacket, or sweat which was contained inside the jacket? Who knows.

When I got to Bella I changed into my fleece. Got the wet tops off and got warm as soon as I could.

Hydration and energy: I stupidly forgot to pick up my 2 caffeine gels before I left. But I had one in my car from a previous run and I figured I’d try out the lucozade beans instead. I had my trusty water pack filled with 1 litre of water and had a tropical lucozade for when I got back to the car. I also had a protein recovery bar for after. I’d had porridge in the morning and it all seemed to sustain me.

I wasn’t as tired after this run compared to the 16 miler a few weekends ago. I think the key was having a good 10 hour sleep on the Friday night and making sure I ate plenty on the Saturday and drank plenty on the run and after.

All in all a good run with a comfortable and good training pace. Next week I’m doing an even longer run, on my own this time. Same route, maybe 20-22 miles. See how it goes.

Oh and my damn Nike plus only recorded 13.5 miles, grrr. 4.5 miles under what I did because it paused itself after 2 hours.

Run: 18.07M, 2:54, pace: 9:17, 6.5mph, calories: 1873.
Ave HR: 138 (73%) Max HR: 158 (83%)
340 mile challenge: 106.9 completed, 233.1 to go.
Time until Lochaber Marathon: 9 weeks, 0 days.

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