Full Body Strength Workouts


I was looking for a simple strength workout which involved compound movements and worked out my full body.

I want one which I can do from home with 2 x 12kg kettlebells, and one for the gym if I fancy going (with barbells or dumbells).

Inspired by this rather long page on this Strong Lifts website, I made up the following:

Full Body Strength Workout 1

Full Body 5x5 Strength Workout

Here’s an excel print out for the workouts you can use if you want to print them out: Full Body Strength Workouts Jan 2013

photo 2

Happy lifting / strength training.  🙂

PS: If you want to know more about Strong Lifts, go here.
Take a read Mendi Hadim‘s website and download his 5×5 report (no spam).  It’s a bit long, but if you fancy a read, the idea of it is simple, seems to get results and he provides it for free. 🙂

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