Wk2 Training Summary


me and my friend Jackie 😛

Here’s my training summary for week 2 of 2013. It was a bit of a slow week with a Sick start to it... I spent two days in bed, three days off work and around 4 days off training. 😦 Not ideal, but there’s not much you can do. I’ll tell myself I will have needed the rest. 😉

The week ended with me feeling a lot better and a good steady 10k, then a long 10.25M as the start of my Marathon Training long runs, and just over 10k easy running on Sunday.

Wk2: 2013: 7th – 13th Jan

Last week was 4 days of total rest, then once I’d recovered, I had 3 days running. No strength work. I’ll pick that up again next week.

Below are the nike fuel points I earned last week, even lower than last week (not surprising really):


Here’s my training summary for last week.

Mon 7th: Rest (spent in bed, 24hr Fast, and sick bug)

Tue 8th: Rest (spent in bed, unintentional 18hr fast, dinner kept down, feeling a bit better)

Wed 9th: Rest (Tried to go to work, but was sick… 😦 )

Thu 10th: Rest (Was going to go for a run in the evening, but delayed it until Friday morning to get a bit more rest and recovery)
Walk to and from work: 1.5 miles

Fri 11th: Good steady morning 10k run:
54:19, 515 calories, Ave HR: 149, Max HR: 169, Garmin Training Effect: 3.8
Walk to work: 0.75 miles

Sat 12th: 10.25 mile long run, 1:28:46hrs:
Calories: 776, Ave HR: 151, Max HR: 172, Garmin Training Effect: 3.8
(Running on the Glasgow Marathon Route, and aiming to keep HR below 150.)

photo 3

Sun 13th: 2.2M run to and from Kaizen, then 4.1M Kaizen Run Club & 4hrs Swimming Teaching.

Totals: 22.75 miles running, 3:47hrs
2.25 miles walking to and from work

I’m building up slowly and it was nice to feel good on the 10k and 10 mile runs I did on Friday and Saturday. I have been sneezing a bit, so am hoping I don’t have a cold coming on, time will tell! My runs have been easy and I’ve been making sure I don’t push myself.

I’m going to get back into Strength work on Mon, Wed and Fri mornings next week, along with runs Tues, Thu, Sat and Sunday next week (rest if I need it).

Full Body Strength Workout 1

I have these strength workouts I’m going to do next week, (I’m meant to be staying out of the gym, but I might try it out and see how busy it is) and here’s my 12M Glasgow Marathon I have planned for my next long run training (Saturday). 🙂

And I’ll fast Monday and Thursday next week: 18hrs each. 🙂

Roll on week 3!

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