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How to draw energy from your fat stores

From ‘Slow Burn’, by Stu Mittleman: Eat green veg, fish, seeds, nuts, nut butters, plenty of water and high quality essential fats such as olive, flax seed and fish oil.

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Food prep for this week

I’m at work for two days this week and have already done my two single days of fasting on Monday and Wednesday, so I’ve to prepare for two days food this week. I’m aiming to eat a little more healthy … Continue reading

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My 7x5x5 Full Body Strength Workout

Simple, Hard, Full Body, Compound exercises. Heavy weights, limited rest. My 7x5x5 Full Body Strength workout consists of: A steady 5-10 minute cardio warm up, then 7 exercises in circuit format: 5 reps of each, repeated up to 5 times. … Continue reading

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