I’m staying out of the gym

I was really enjoying going to the gym towards the end of the 2012. I was going 3-4 times a weekend it was a good compliment to my running. I was going:

Early mornings (630-730) Mon, Wed & Fri.
And not so early mornings but longer sessions on Saturdays (800-930).

I was getting in a good routine and settled in well with the small group of regulars / men who ent early in the weekdays.

I even had the gym to myself one day in December!

And ns I’m into January of 2013, and unlike a lot of other people, I’m staying well away from the gym as much as I can (even though my gym, bellahouston has had a recent refurb).

I just can’t face that it will probably be like this:

The gym is usually quieter on weekday mornings, so I could risk it, but just now I’m just going to do alternatives instead. :-). I was in the gym between Christmas and New Year and the mayhem of January had started already: guys showing other guys what to do, and even a Dad in with his 2 kids (about 16yrs old) showing them why to do.

All the best to January Joiners, I just can’t stand waiting around in a busy gym when I want to keep my workout as intense as possible. 🙂 I hope for their sakes they stay longer than 2, 4 or 6 weeks!

So the morning I did the following strength workout in my flat with 2 x 12kg Kettlebells. And I’m seriously considering doing Insanity 2 days a week too.

So you might see some more about some new strength workouts I have in the pipeline, and they’ll most probably be ones you / I can do at home. 😀

Where do you do your strength workouts? Are you baring the gym this January? Staying at home, doing classes or giving strength work a miss all together just now?

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