Three rounds of Super Cardio

Today was pretty super for me: Three rounds of Super cardio for me, and super productive at work too. 🙂

Super Cardio 1: Early morning social

5 miles of chat with Gill on our usual route through Pollok Park from Bella.

Gill was pushing to run fast, but I was just happy to be up and out running. 🙂

Ave HR: 78% Max HR: 88%
Garmin Training Effect: 3.4

Super Cardio 2: 40 mins interval running

I decided I’d do a wee interval running session after work. 🙂

2 miles warm up (16 mins), to the track at Bella, then
5 x 2 mins fast: 2 mins recovery, then
Almost 6 mins recovery.
40 mins speedwork (5 x 2:2)

5.22 miles in 40 minutes. 🙂

The weather wasn’t too nice: smirry rain, but nothing a waterproof gillet and a cap couldn’t protect me from. (It was actually quite good to run in!)

Here are my splits below… 6:11 min miles!! (For 2 mins / a third of a mile).

I jogged in the recoveries, then beasted it for the fast intervals. Hard work, but so worth it.

photo 3
photo 4

And here’s my heart rate:
Ave HR: 86% Max HR: 99%
Garmin Training Effect: 4.0

Super Cardio 3: Spinfit with CRAZY Helen!

After the run, I had about 10 minutes before Spinfit with Helen where I recovered and had some water.

50 minutes of hellish hard work it was!

I’ve not been able to go to Helen’s class for over a year as I’ve been doing my own Run Club, and I have to say I’ve really missed Helen and her class.

I worked hard, if a little reticent as it was my first one back. At one point (during the DAMN BRITNEY track) I felt a little funny, but apart from that it was great. Helen truly is the best spin instructor ever. 🙂

Ave HR: 79% Max HR: 91%
Garmin Training Effect: 3.9

Totals for today:
10.22 miles run, 1:22:15
10.8 miles spinfit, 50 mins. 🙂

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