New 8s Strength Workout

8s strength workout logo and straplineI’ve come up with a new
Strength Workout: designed to
help me (and you if you want) become stronger by doing 8 simple exercises.

To do the workout, you’ll ideally need barbells, dumbbells or kettlebells.

If you want to do it, you do the workout 2-3 times a week, lift heavy weights and take limited rest (5 sets for each exercise). I’ve provided a downloadable workbook so that you can print off the workout, take it to the gym with you, and record your progress as you go.

8s Strength Workout Grid

For information about the workout and to get your downloadable 8s Strength Workout workbook, click the link below:

8s Strength Workout

I started it today and it was really good.  🙂

8s strength 1


8s strength 2

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