Weekly Plans…

Since the Barrathon, I’ve been taking some time out to just do what I want when I want re training.  A lot of it has been with the aim of recovering, and part of it has been to do with the fact that I’m not really aiming for any individual goal or event from now on until the end of the year. 

Still – I want to keep up my level of fitness, and I’ll use Running, Strength work and swimming to do this.

Here is my plan for the next week, and perhaps the next few weeks:

Mon: AM: Chest, Shoulders, Arms, Abs;  PM: Metafit, Run or Circuits
Tue: AM: 60 min Run; PM: Kaizen Runners 40 min speed
Wed: AM: Swim; PM: PT: Lindsay 45 mins easy run
Thu: AM: Legs, Back, Plyo; PM: Rest
Fri: Rest
Sat: AM: Circuits / Run
Sun: AM: Kaizen Runners 45 mins / Swimming Teach

I did have run coaching planned this morning, but no one turned up so I spent 45 minutes in the gym instead to get a strength workout under my belt for the week.

I might not do the run on Tuesday morning, I’ll just see how I feel – a lie in might be more beneficial.  🙂


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