Funny Runners night out

I was out last night with the our graduate Kaizen Runners… It was a good, fun night. 🙂

A few funny things happened, and my cheeks were that good sore from laughing quite a lot:

When offered a drink, I came out to say I dont drink anymore… To be answered with:

‘oh no, you’re not one of them are you?’

heh heh, yes I am in afraid. 😉 Three years and two months off it, and I’m glad. 🙂

I did explain the whole story, having been a regular drinker since the age of … eleven (!!!) … by 28 I’d had my fill and managed to get the gumption to give up after my worst and last hangover (sick 8 times in one day, unable to drive, unable to do anything really). No more for me! 😉

I still have a laugh when I go out, I just don’t do the stupid behaviour I used to can drive home, and I don’t get the sore head and sick body in the morning. 🙂 Suits me.

And one of the other funny ones was one of the runners was saying how motivational she’d found me to be, and she said:

‘You’re like, you’re like…. Barack O’bama!’

Ha ha. I’m not sure in what way? I know I’m not black, or the first black president of the USA. Nice to be compared to him though, whatever she meant. 😉

Oh and last thing, if any of ‘you lot’ (who are drinkers) have a sore head, take a read of this to help you recover:

I feel fine today, and am looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend. No training for me (except for Kaizen Runners Run a Great 10k on Subday morning). 🙂

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