How happy are you?

The BBC just published an article on how happy people in the UK are.  See more here.   ‘People who are married, have jobs and own their own homes are the most likely to be satisfied with their lives, the first national well being survey says’.

Here’s a nice infographic from the report:

so true

It got me thinking… I tend to be happy most of the time… I think a lot of it is in your mindset.  The glass isn’t half empty or half full… technically it’s full… half full of water, the remaining half full of air.  😉

For me, it’s about how positive you are about life… it’s about what you make of life.

See here for why it’s hard to measure happiness.

I’ve created the Super Human Test to see how happy you are with your life.  Mark the sections 1-5 (1 being very unhappy, 5 being happy) and it will work out which areas you should improve upon to become happier (or more Super Human).

Go on, try it and see how Super Human you are. 🙂

In 6 months, through identifying where I want to improve, and by making some subtle changes I’ve improved my Super Human score from 97% to 500%!  🙂  How Super Human / happy are you?


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