Totals for 2012 so far… 30 weeks in…

I thought it was about time for some TOTALS:

Since the start of the year (30 weeks)… I’ve:

  • Run 560 miles (19 miles a week)
  • Run almost 100 times (98 – 3 times a week)…
  • Cycled 128 miles (4 miles a week)
  • Swum 10,500m (420 lengths)
  • Walked 260 miles – 96 of which was on the West Highland Way (9 miles a week)
  • Travelled almost 1,000 miles (run, bike, walk, swim)
  • Done 60 strength workouts (twice a week) and done circuits 18 times.
  • Had 74 rest days (one third of the year so far: 2-3 days per week)
  • Burned almost 100,000 calories doing my exercise (3,100 calories a week)

Not bad eh?  🙂

Although I’ve been doing more strength and circuits than I thought I had been! just less than a 5th of my time was spent running, and over two fifths of my time spent exercising was strength and circuits!

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