Steady does it: my weight

I’ve written about how much weight I’ve lost before on here… since the start of my journey, in June 2008, I’m now 22lbs / 10kg lighter than I was. 

I’ve been recording my weight and body fat stats weekly since then, and noticed that my weight has remained very steady for the last year.  🙂  Fluctuating up or down within a 4lb / 2kg weight range.

I’m thinking this is the weight I’m meant to be.  😀 
125lbs (BMI: 20.1, body fat 20.9%).

I noticed how steady my weight has been when I was entering my stats into my Garmin Connect account, here’s the graph from it:

I find it quite interesting to see.  🙂  I can link my weight to the events I’ve trained for which is cool for me.  In January / February last year, I was in the middle of my long distance training for the Lochaber Marathon, and the history of my events vs weight can be seen in this graph I’ve put on here before:

Not only have I reduced my weight by 22lbs, I’ve also reduced my body fat from 29.5% down to around about 20-21%. 

And this year I’ve noticed that whilst my weight has stayed pretty steady, it increased a little after I started my Winter Strength Workout Challenge (more strength/weights work in my weekly routine)… but not by all that much (+1-2lbs).

Personally, I think I can  put my weight being this steady down to me training a lot, eating the same things (not restricting what I eat much, but trying to eat healthily whilst still fuelling my training) and not drinking alcohol.  🙂 

My weight was lowest (122lbs) after I came back from my holidays to America, just before I started doing weights in September.

My weight dropped slightly for the last two years in late September after I’ve come back from America.  I’m guessing it’s because I’m donig less training whilst I’m over there… although I always eat regular (and American sized portions) and walk and cycle lots over there.

I like how there’s been a bit of a blip (increase) over Christmas over the last few years (not that I reduced my training or increased my eating that much).  Too many Christmas puds or something?  😉

I have to say I’m very happy where I am right now, and am pleased with how far I’ve come (especially as I haven’t really been trying to lose weight after January 2009).

So how do you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight?

For me, I have to say it’s just come off and stayed off with my mixture of:

  • Plenty of exercise.
    (I burn around 5,000 calories a week, training 5-6 days a week)
  • A balanced varied diet.
    (I try not to restrict foods, but try to fuel my training and aim to eat healthily).
  • No alcohol. 
    (This one I’ve just got used to, and it can make a huge difference to your weight).

It can be a fine balance, but I think I might just be lucky enough to have that balance right.  😀  (See here for more info on how I’ve done it)

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