Thursday Thoughts…

So it’s come to that time of the week for my Thursday thoughts… the end of my week has been overshadowed by the fact that I can’t help but take notice of the weather forecast for the weekend… for Saturday in particular… the day of my long run.

Why snow??!!

On Saturday morning I’m meant to be:

Driving to Tyndrum (55 miles / 1 hour 15).
Running south from Tyndrum for about 2:30… then running back to my car.
(Early in the morning so I’m back for lunchtime.)

Then, after two weeks of kind of reasonable pleasant weather… tonight I see this on the BBC weather…

Snow, 4-5’C for Saturday.  😦

Why?  Why Christopher Blanchett, why??!!  I know it’s February, and I know it’s meant to be cold, but come on!

The last two long runs I’ve done the weather has been horrible, then the last two weeks the weather has been ok, or even mild!  Now snow is f&*%ing well forecast!!?!  Not happy!

Snotters and bugs from Wick

For the last fortnight, Fit Girl has been struck down by a horrible coughing bug which nearly made her go off sick from work and has led to a few sleepless nights for us both.  I was touching wood in the fact that I had managed to refrain from catching it, and I was honestly thinking I must be made of strong stuff to be avoiding the (weegie) bugs. 😉

Then at the weekend my lovely niece (10) and nephews (5 & 7) were down from Wick.  I spent around 3-4 hours with them… and I really enjoyed seeing them. 🙂 Nice pleasant well mannered kids, nice family, good times.

Now… around 72 hours later… I appear to have started to show cold / flu symptoms.  :-/ I noticed the start of a runny nose just after lunchtime today.  Ba$%&rd!! 😦  Lemsip (paracetamol, caffeine & phenylephrine hydrochloride) and Kleenex Balsam tissues for me it is, and maybe even a swig of Night Nurse last night for me.  😛

I’m not a very good patient, although I will try and take the pills/medication not moan too much.  😉  And as for my training… what is it they say?:

You can still train if it’s only above your shoulders (ie: head cold: sore throat, runny nose), but take it easy and don’t push it.  But if it’s below your neck (ie chest cold: cough, nausea, fever),then you shouldn’t train or exercise

We’ll see how it goes.  Fingers crossed my temple of a body fights it off. 😉

 Poor Whitney Houston

I won’t go on about it, but I thought it was a bit sad about Whitney Houston at the weekend.  Bodyguard was the first album I ever bought… aged about 12 or something… and I used the words from ‘Run to you’ in my first ever valentines card to a boy. lol

I just think she was an amazing talent and it’s a shame she died so young.  The only good thing I can think of coming from her death is that her music is on the radio a lot more, and that I bought her Ultimate Collection Album this morning.  In fact, since her death, her record sales have seen a major boost in the US and the UK.

Several of her songs are on course to re-enter the UK singles top 40 on Sunday with a greatest hits compilation heading for the top 10.  Houston’s cover of the Dolly Parton single, I Will Always Love You, is likely to reach the top 10 on Sunday.

I also bought Emeli Sande‘s album too:

That’s about it from me. 🙂

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1 Response to Thursday Thoughts…

  1. comrades2012 says:

    poor you, you do not sound to suffer illness or poor weather well. but if you have to be ill be ill when the weather is c%@p.
    Good luck for the weekend and keep blogging

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