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Wk5 – 8.5M Clyde Bridges & Maxwell Park

Wednesday night run and I was going to run with Fit Girl on her bridges run (4 miles), then go on to run about 4.5 on my Maxwell Park run. It was a bit of a thought walking home from … Continue reading

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New Highland Fling page

I’ve created a page to hold all of my posts about the Highland Fling 2012.  🙂 You can see it here: Events > Highland Fling 2012

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Q: How can I build strength in my legs for running?

Here’s another question and answer… 🙂 (It’s answered by me mind, no expert, but I know what I know based on my experience) 😀 What exercise, other than just running can you suggest to build strength in the legs? I’m … Continue reading

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Wk5 – Circuits with Gill

On Tuesday night I was waiting for the entries for the Barrathon (half marathon on Barra) to open, so I made the excuse not to do my kettlebell workout, and I had a rest day instead.  Annoyingly there were technical … Continue reading

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7 week Half Marathon plan

Following my post yesterday about how to increase your mileage from 10k up to half marathon distance, another friend asked me if I thought it would be too much of an ask for him to aim to run a half … Continue reading

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