Fatter Lorn… and how I got to where I am now

Someone (Super Pauline!) asked me recently if I’d ever been big… or fatter… well in 2007 I was settled and comfortable and was the ‘fattest’ I’ve ever been.

Tipping the scales at 147lbs and almost 30% body fat, I was not quite a beast, but my BMI was almost 25… and with my Dad quietly saying in my ear that I looked ‘comfortable’, I decided I should do something about it.

Here’s a pic of me from then for you:

And the other one you might have seen already, from when I was in Cyprus in 2007:

I was happy, settled and enjoying life.  With a desk job and new partner, I was out for dinner and drinks lots and not doing much exercise.

Then I decided I needed to change and took steps to start running and training for a triathlon, 5k and 10k.  I improved what I ate… not going on a diet, but consciously looking to see if I could eat healthier.  And I started running and cross training (bike and swim) as part of training for my first ever triathlon.

I trained 5-6 days a week, and learned how to eat to fuel my exercise.  I raised money for charity and continued setting goals and learning lots along the way.

You can see the rest of my story and pics here:

My weight loss journey

  • And here is my most recent pic of me 4 years on in Sept 2012.  🙂
  • 24lbs lighter and 9% body fat reduction compared to the top picture.  🙂
  • I’ve maintained my weight (124lbs) and body fat (20%) for around 18 months now. 😀


Put simply:

  1. Always looking to improve and become the best I can be: 4 years of learning and dedication to changing me and my life for the better.  Learning about and reading books and information about Running, Strength Training, Food & Nutrition, Periodic Training,  Intermittent Fasting … etc.  I’m always keen to try out new theories and ideas to see if I can develop and learn.
  2. Eating healthier and always trying to improve and try new ways of getting a balance with what I consume vs what I exercise vs what I weigh / my body fat.  Learning what works for me to maintain my weight and fuel my exercise and activity.
  3. Exercise and activity: Running (5k to ultras) & Cross Training:  Swimming, Spinfit, High Intensity Fat Burning Workouts, Strength work, Hill walking, Insanity, Circuits, Triathlon, Metafit, Rest and Recuperation, Early Morning gym sessions, Long Run Saturday Mornings, Raising money for charity, Having goals to achieve.
  4. Drinking: plenty of water (and milk), stopping drinking ‘Liquid Satan’ (diet coke / diet drinks), ditching alcohol for good (water or soda water instead) – now off it for 3.5 years and loving it.
  5. I tracked my progress: weight loss, body fat loss, miles completed, on here and using various gadgets and spreadsheets.

It’s been a long journey, but one I’m so glad I’ve come on and one I continue to travel along.  It can take a lot of effort and dedication…early mornings, and hard work, but I think it’s been worth it.


I started out small and slow and built myself up gradually to do more and more:

  • 2 5ks,
  • 1 triathlon event,
  • 5 10k events,
  • 5 half marathons,
  • 1 might deer stalker (never again!),
  • 1 10k directly followed by a half marathon,
  • 1 marathon,
  • 1 ultra marathon,
  • 4 marathon distances and
  • 3 ultra marathon distances (9 marathons or ultra distances).
  • (and all the training involved in it… 3-4 runs a week as well as cross training and rest and recovery).

Now my Garmin(s) show I’ve run almost 3,000 miles / 5,000 km since I got it (Dec 2009).  🙂  I’ve earned almost 1,500,000 Nike Fuel points!  And my body shape and my mind are both so very different to what they were before.

And I’ve raised money for:

I’m very proud of where I’ve been and what I’ve become and if I can help anyone else start or follow their own journey… that’ll make it even better.  🙂

If I can do it, anyone can.  😀

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