Wk4 – 4M Clyde Bridges run

Sunday morning. 3’C. It has been raining, but it’s off now. It was pretty cold when we went out but it soon warmed up. A nice easy run for a Sunday morning. We ran from Paisley Road, west along the Clyde until we got to Saltmarket then crossed the bridge and looped back around the Clyde to the flat.

We warmed up once we started running….and ended up doing just over 4 miles in about 35 minutes. It’s the route we normally do at night time (in the dark) so it was nice to see it in the day time for the first time this Winter.

We ran it at the pace that I should be aiming to run the marathon at and it was nice and comfortable…. one to remember.

Run: 4.05M, 34:42, Pace: 8:34, Calories: 420.
Ave HR: 142 (75%), Max HR: 154 (81%)

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