Rest & Recovery week (4)

After a nice recovery week (week 4 of training)… I’m looking forward to next week.  This week I did 3 runs: 4.3 miles, 6.2 miles and 5 miles.  All of them in the morning before work.

I swam 2,500m on Monday and did a double spin session on Tuesday.  I didn’t do any circuits and took Thursday and Saturday as rest days.  I’ll maybe do some circuits or swimming on Sunday.

It’s been good and I’ve managed to stop that niggle I got in my shin on Monday on my run, so it looks like an easy week every 4 will be good (and sensbile!)

Then back to it next week.  Week 5 of my 14 week marathon training will look like this:

Mon: AM: 3-4 M Run  PM: 2,500m swim
Tue: AM: 4.3 M easy Run with Jackie, PM: Spinfit, or Run and Circuits
Wed: AM: 6M Hills (West End), PM: Circuits (45 mins) and/or Run
Thu: PM Circuits and/or Swim
Fri: Rest
Sat: 18 mile run with Julie Ann (from Bella – out and back?)
Sun: Rest

A nice bit of cross training mixed in with a nice few runs with people I like.  😀

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