Long Runs

I was readnig The Competitive Runner’s Handbook to get some tips and ideas on how to best train for my marathon.  I had concerns that by running with others you were limiting your chance to go at the pace you want to go… when really… when training for a marathon – it’s time on your feet that’s important… not the pace.  See below:

I don’t want to risk injury and I’d much rather run my long runs with Julie Ann if she’s free and get to know her and learn about how each of of run / fuel / hydrate.

I’m going to keep any speed or faster runs to myself and if I’m running with others I’ll just enjoy the run and get to know whoever I’m running with.  Time should not be a factor as long as I’m sticking to a progressive (increasing distance of long runs week by week) training plan.

Based on this, and based on how I got on last Saturday with our 16.4 mile run, I’m planning the following long runs:

Wk4 – 5 miles
Wk5 – 18 miles
Wk6 – 20 miles
Wk7 – 22 miles
Wk8 – 8 miles
Wk9 – 18 miles
Wk10 – 13.1 miles (Balloch to Clydebank Half Marathon)
Wk11 – 22 miles
Wk12 – 12 miles
Wk13 – 8 miles
Wk14 – Marathon

I’ll roughly aim to run my long runs at about 9 minute miles, (or between 8:30-9:30) and I’ll try out a few variations to see if I can get used to running long and finishing strongly.  Here are some examples:

20 miles: 1 mile easy, 19 miles marathon pace (8:30 min miles-ish)
18 miles: 12 miles easy, 6 miles max effort
22 miles: 22 miles easy (9 min miles)

I’ll also try to replicate the race route by running out and backs for some of my long runs and will include hills on the other ones.

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