Blurred Vision

After I ran the marathon distance in November I noticed something rather alarming when driving back from Loch Lomond.  My eyesight had diminished so that everything was pretty blurry.  I could see, and I could drive, but things weren’t as clear as they were before I ran, or when I was younger.

This getting old malarky is no fun.  So in December I went to the opticians again.  ( I went a few years ago to get my eyes tested and they told me I had astigmatism and needed a slight prescription for seeing in the distance.)  I explained how things got blurry after long runs (90 minutes or longer) and the optician blamed it on my body being tired and possibly dehydration.

Astigmatism occurs when the cornea (the front of the eye) is not a perfectly curved shape. The cornea should be shaped like a football but in cases of astigmatism, it has an irregular curve, with one half flatter or steeper than the other. This means the light rays that come into the eye do not focus properly on the retina at the back of the eye, creating a blurred image.

Usually in the past I have been able to correct my vision, but I think after I’m tired after a run, my astigmatism gets worse and my vision gets really blurry for distances.

So at the opticians I asked if I could get contact lenses and they said they had to provide glasses if they were providing contacts.  I saw a pair of nice glasses in store – £140 for the frames…and I ordered them online for £69.  Nice bit of saving there.

In December I got my glasses and I can notice a difference with them on (watching TV etc)… and I also tried a set of contacts.  I struggled with the first trial pair I got.  Blurred vision, a halo around my vision.  Not ideal.  And I thought maybe contacts just weren’t for me and my funny shaped eyes.  I tried them for a month, then the optician re tested my eyes based on a contact lens prescription and I’ve got a new pair to try.

They are better, less of a halo and I am getting used to putting them in and out.  But they’re not perfect and after they’ve been in a while (9 hours or so), my vision gets a little blurry.  I was tempted to not go with them, but then this week they seem to be better.

I thought I’d try today without them and my right eye is quite blurry now.  😦  I don’t really want to wear glasses all day, or for when I’m exercising, so I’ll need to get used to the contacts.  It seems there is no going back now.  Contacts / glasses /  laser treatment it is from now on then.

At least I can get my contacts online cheap (£10 a month) instead of the extortionate price (£25 a month) the optician is trying to charge!!

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