30 Day Bodyweight Challenge

I posted this workout challenge a few years ago – 30 Day Challenge and it’s become a very popular post on my page.

With a slight injury to my calf (a strain probably)… for January 2016, I decided that I’d take up a 30 day challenge to keep me motivated to do something (I’ll get back to running once my leg is ok).

So here it is, a slight tweak on the original – just 3 moves once a day for 30 days (with 3 days rest).  Squats, Planks and Press ups, progressively increasing the amount of each.  I’ll do it first thing every day.


Day 1 – Today I did 50 squats, then planked for 30 seconds.
Then did 5 full press ups, and then planked for another 30 seconds.

It took no time at all and should work to keep me doing something whilst I rest my leg.  If you want to do it too, you can print out the above, or download an excel version of my 30 day bodyweight challenge here.

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