Wk4 – Swim Session 11

With my Timex heart rate monitor that I use for swimming with out of action, I decided I would try swim session 11.  But just time the whole session instead of doing the splits and heart rate recording.

Swim Session 11: 2200m, 41:04
Warm up: 200m FC swim
Set 1: 4 x 150m:
1. FC fast 75m, FC stead 75m
2. Distance per stroke (16-19)
3. Build
4. Breathe every 3-5-3-7-3-5
Set 2: 800m FC steady
Set 3: 5 x 100m FC descend
Cool down: 100m FC kick

I finished in 41:04 and felt pretty good after it so took a quick drink (caffeine lucozade) and decided I’d complete my swim with a further 12 lengths (to make 100 lengths: 2500m).

Swim down: 300m by 50m FC pull/50m FC swim

100 lengths: 2500m: 46:56, approx 575 calories.

The pool was pretty quiet… about one other person in my lane with me, but no one ever ‘got in my way’.  There was one woman doing breast stroke and a man behind her slowed right down, but I just over took the both of them when I was in the middle of a set.  😛  I think she got the message after that (ie… you’re in the wrong lane!).

I’d popped up to the gym before I went swimming to see someone I knew was in there.  And it was HEAVING!! All the machines were taken and there wasn’t much room to do anything.  I’m so glad I’m not in there training!!

I’ve put my Timex heart rate monitor (watch) in for repair at a local jewelers.  They said they could replace the battery for £4, but it might not be guaranteed to keep waterproof.  Or they could send it back to Timex for £20… and they would waterproof it too.  😦  Looks like I’m sending it to Timex.  Not bad I suppose considering I’ve had it just over 3 years!

I figured since I use it mainly for swimming it’s best to spend that little bit more on it to make sure it stays waterproof.

Oh – and my leg wasn’t sore at all.  I can’t feel any pain in my right shin.  Yahooo!  🙂

Hydration & energy: during: 500mls caffeine lucozade. After: Mars bar milk shake (yum), 500mls cold water. 2 poached eggs on toast (yum).

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