Wk3 – 6.5M around Clyde and Paisley Road West

I met Fit Girl on Thursday night and ran around her usual flat 4 mile route around the Clyde with her, then I added on a few miles on my own.  Fit Girl is coming back from injury (IT Band) and so far so good.  She’s able to run for between 30-60 minutes, but doesn’t tend to do any more than that incase her IT Band flares up.  Sometimes it flares up after 40 minutes, sometimes after 17.  It’s intermittent, and it’s always in her mind when she runs.

She’s taken to running 3-4 miles, 4-5 times a week and seems to be ok, just now. Fingers crossed the referral to a sports physio helps.

It was nice running and chatting with her again.  And I kind of wish she could run longer and join me on some of my long 2-5 hour trail runs.  🙂 She was going at a pretty decent pace too, which kept me on my toes.

It was a good run. Better than the (attempt at the) crappy treadmill run no Wednesday night.  Althought it was dark, cold and damp on Thursday, you can’t beat running outside compared to running on a treadmill.  I must remember that.

It’s Friday today, and I’m taking it as a rest day before my long run on Saturday (I’ll write another post about that later).  After doing weights yesterday, my glutes, back and hamstrings are a little tender… which shows to me I’ve been working, but hopefully they’ll have recovered by tomorrow. 

Perhaps doing (leg/back) weights on a Tuesday morning would be better before a long run on the Saturday, to give my muscles time to recover. 🙂

Run: 6.5M, 53:07, Pace: 8:10, Calories: 508
Ave HR: 151 (79%), Max HR: 164 (86%), Garmin Training Effect: 3.8


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