Wk4 Training for 40 mile ultramarathon (updated)

With family commitments and things getting in the way I’m having to amend my training a little… this week I’ll have run 3 times, totalling 46 miles.  I took today off after a hard run yesterday and towards the end of the week when I can fit it in I’ll be doing 32 miles.

I did set myself a target of completing 365 miles by the 16th of July, the date of the  Clyde Stride 40 mile ultramarathon, but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to get there. 😦 

I’m really struggling with the runs at night due to the tummy cramps I’ve been getting… so I need to pssibly either rethink WHEN I run or work to avoid the cramps.

And I’m off work next week on holiday up to Inverness and Wick and I can’t see myself forcing myself out for a 10 mile run when I’m on my holidays!

Anyway, here’s the updated training plan:

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