Wk31 – 7M mile speed reps Glasgow Green

Monday morning and I was adamant I was getting up to do a run as planned.  The idea was for me to do 7 miles, with every even mile being as fast as I could run.

I hate the thought of speedwork, but once I’m out it isn’t that bad.  Sure it’s tough to get your head around running as fast as you can for a mile (3 times)…but I managed it.

I ran a pretty flat route along the Clyde to Glasgow Green – nice and flat the whole route. I took the first mile steady, then picked up the pace on mile 2.  I managed to hang in there for the mile and got a 7:02 minute mile.

I was glad of the next mile recovery, and I was very tempted to not do any more speed miles! :-/

I felt ok after the rest and did the 3rd mile faster. I managed 7:08 this time… it was hard work but I was sticking in there.  I’d gone around the figure of 8 (about 0.75 miles) 3 times by now and I knew that if I did it one more time, I’d probably get to about 7 miles by the time I got home.

As much as I didn’t want to, I ran along the figure of 8 one more time.  My third fast mile was 7:11. I was surprised I was able to keep the pace up for teh 3rd time and I was glad when it was over!!  My heart rate was pretty consistent, but I can’t help but think there was perhaps a little room for me to push it a little harder (90% max on the fast miles). I’ll remember that next time and perhaps do more shorter (faster/harder) reps.

I ran at a comfortable pace home and finished up 7 miles in just under 55 minutes again.

It feels really good to have done it now and got it out of the way first thing in the week – a great feeling of accomplishment!  Imust remember that next Monday morning when I’m trying to think of reasons not to get up to run!!

Run: 7M, 54:35, Pace 7:42, 7.7mph, Calories: 700
Ave HR: 156 (92%), Max HR: 173 (91%)

Oh and shock horror!! My Garmin 405 strap broke!! The plastic parts which hold the buckle in broke this morning as I was putting it on, so I had to revert to putting it on with a hair bobble around it to keep it in place.  It seems to work ok, but it’s not ideal! I got the garmin in December 2009… the strap has gone.

I’ve ordered a new strap from Amazon… £17.  😦

Garmin - GPS receiver band - black - Garmin Forerunner 405

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