Trip on the Waverley from Glasgow to Arran

On Sunday I’d arranged to go on the Waverley Steam boat with my Dad and step Mum. 

This is where I booked my ticket:

My Dad first went on the Waverley when he was about 12.  His family took a holiday up to Loch Lomond and my Dad wanted to do on the Waverley steam boat.  He asked his Mum, Dad and brother if they wanted to go on it, but none of them wanted to.  So he asked his Dad if he could go on his own.

So at the age of 12 my Dad got the bus from Loch Lomond, to Glasgow, and got on the Waverley steam boat up the Clyde.  He said that once he got to Glasgow he just asked people where he could catch the Waverley and was directed towards the Clyde.  He didn’t know Glasgow but he managed to get there ok.  It was a glorious day and a great day out.

That was in 1953 and back then most of the bridges weren’t even built across the Clyde… not even the M8 and the Kingston Bridge!

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t that good on Sundy for us.  It was bright in the morning then got a little choppy and drizzly later in the day.  Typical west coast of Scotland weather.  It was still ok to be out on deck for most of the time, but it could have been a bit nicer.

We had a great Sunday Roast dinner on the boat, well cooked, well tasty!!

We went all the way to Lochranza on the Isle of Arran passing Greenock, Largs and Rothesay.

It was a long but good day out and it was nice to catch up with Dad and get more of his stories.

Here’s the garmin route we took:

I realised on the boat that all of my jobs in my career so far have been in buildings which have been built next to the Clyde:  The AA in Erskine, T-Mobile at Greenock and now the BBC in Glasgow.  🙂

Anyway, here’s some more photos:

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