Wk22 – 7.1M West End

Wednesday night after work and I’d plan to run straight from work for maybe an hour or so.  The waether had been heavy rain showers on and off all day, so I was hoping I would avoid any imminent shower.

I took a new route to the Squinty Bridge, up through the pedestrian tunnel then into Kelvingrove Park and ran up the Kelvin walkway (along the Kelvin river).  It’s a nice little route which I ran before going up to Milngavie one day.  After about 3-4 miles I decided I should turn back and hoped to come out maybe around about Great Western Road somewhere.  I was a little lost but I knew sort of where I was… I don’t really like to have that feeling a lot, but every now and again it’s ok.

I ended up in a bit of a horrible housing scheme at the back of Maryhill Road, but I managed to find my way to the back of Tesco at Garriochill Road and ran down towards Great Western Road.  I thought I was on the road to get down to Hyndland road, but I was too far over so went down Dowanhill Road instead… and let me tell you … it isn’t ‘downhill’!  Up hill… then down hill.

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From there on in I knew the way home and decided I would run a bit along Dumbarton Road and aim for the start of the Clyde Stride Ultra.  From about mile 5.8 on the route I did to about 7 miles it covers some of the start of the route if anyone is interested.

I got to the Bells Bridge… 7 miles in and the heavens started to open… I sprinted the 0.13 miles to my car and sheltered before the rain well and truly bucketed down.  Good timing.

Run: 7.13M, 59:30, pace: 8:16, 7.2mph, Calories: 712.
Ave HR: 149 (78%), Max HR: 168 (88%).

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