Sweaty Bike Tabata Workout

This morning I went to the gym before work… I did two triple supersets of legs and shoulders… then decided I’d do a bit of tabata work on the bike.

In case you don’t know, tabatas are high intensity interval training, repeated as many times as you like.  You work at 100% effort for a set time (30-60 seconds), then you recover, (usually for half of the time you worked for) and repeat it 8-10 times, or as many times as you can bare!  For more on tabatas go here.

Proven Benefits

– A hugely effective fat burner, due to effect on the metabolism and ‘afterburn’.
– Releases anabolic hormones thanks to Lactic acid release in muscles.
– Short and effective workouts are ideal for those who have limited time to workout.
– Can be done anywhere with anything from bodyweight, free weights & kettlebells.
– Highly adaptable and challenging leading to less bordom/body getting used to workouts compared to repeated gym workout routines.

22 mins of Bike Tabatas

I decided that 40 seconds work and 20 seconds rest would be the tabata timings of today and I set up my Garmin 610 to tell me each time 40 seconds or 20 seconds passed (20 times).  I was warm already from the 30 minutes weights workout I did prior to the bike, so I just got stuck into it:

Indoor Precor Bike: 22 mins
Level 9. Intense work: 100-120rpm, Recovery: 70-80 rpm.
40 seconds work: 20 seconds rest: x 20 plus 2 mins recovery.
Ave HR: 152 (80%), Max HR: 166 (87%), Garmin Training Effect: 3.4, Calories: 211.

pretty wee heart rate graph 🙂

After about 12 minutes I was really feeling it and was tempted to give up.  But I kept at it… relishing the 20 seconds recovery and beasting it on the 40 seconds work.  I was sweating quite a bit… and before I knew it I was 17 tabatas in and jsut had three to go. I pushed the last one to cycle for one whole minute as fast as I could.

After the 20 minutes, I took 2 minutes to recover and went home for my breakfast and recovery Choconanna and Cinamoffee milkshake.  🙂

Next Steps – my 6 weeks Tabata Fat Burn Plan 

Here are some of my other Bike workouts.

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