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I’m a qualified Metafit Instructor

I kept this one kind of under wraps and haven’t written about it so far… (because mainly I don’t have time to do it as a coach)… but at the start of the year I became a fully qualified Metafit … Continue reading

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Lorn’s Crazy Intense Circuits

A little bit inspired by the circuit class last night… I thought I’d try and mix my circuits up a bit – and make them even more challenging! I was doing a warm up of 7 exercises repeated 3 times, then 3 circuits … Continue reading

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Lorn’s Intense Interval Circuits

My friend Gill has tasked me with coming up with an ‘abs’ circuit so that she can ‘lose her belly’ (not that she has one. but anyway…)  I imagine she is expecting a circuit filled with crunches and sit ups … Continue reading

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Wk28 – Run then Circuits with Gill

Thursday morning and I had arranged to meet Gill for Circuits at Bella for 630am. I got there just in time and hopped on the treadmill for an 11 mnute run.  I started at 7mph and increased it to 8 … Continue reading

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Bodyweight circuits workout (45 mins)

A good 45 minutes bodyweight circuits workout for the Tollcross ladies… We will do 10 exercises, working for 30 seconds, resting for 15 seconds and repeat so that each exercise is done 5 times in a row.  Then we’ll take … Continue reading

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