Wk28 – 45 min Tabata Intervals on Bike

Monday morning didn’t start too well for me… once I managed to drag my ass out of bed, I walked out of the flat with my water bottle, gym pass and car keys.

A few steps out the door I realised my water bottle was only half full.  So I went back up to fill it up.  Then I was almost at my car and I realised I didn’t have my iPod… I climbed back upstairs again.

By this point it was 6:30 and I really should have been at the gym by then, but it’s only 2-3 minutes away so it was ok.  Not the best start to my morning / week – though. :-S

Once in the gym I was able to get a bike and did my Tabata Interval workout. It was pretty hard work, but I think I could increase the interval time to push it a bit more.  This is what I did:

Tabata Intervals: Level 9, 45 minutes
5 mins warm up +80rpm
4 x (8 x 30 secs +105rpm, 15 secs +80rpm) with 1 min recovery (+80rpm)
1 x (7 x 30 secs +105rpm, 15 secs +80rpm) with 1:45 mins +105 rpm
5 mins cool down +80rpm

Bike: 45 mins, 12 miles, Calories: 550.
Ave HR 134 (70%), Max HR: 160 (84%).

It was a good workout, but I think I could maybe do 40:20 intervals next time, or even 60:30s.  Or 90:30s for more work:rest ratio.

Here’s what my heart rate was:

Now… 3 weeks rest from running and I think I’m ready to get back into it.  I’ll take it easy (ie do whatever takes my fancy running wise) this week, then start picking up running (outside) next week. 

After this week, I’ve got 6 weeks to the Glasgow half marathon so I’ll be building up getting ready for that:  3 runs a week, 1 short, 1 medium and 1 long. 🙂

My long runs will be as follows:

Wk28 wc 18/07 – 10k
Wk29 wc 25/07 – 8 miles
Wk30 wc 01/08 – 10 miles (route specific)
Wk31 wc 08/08 – 12 miles (route specific)
Wk32 wc 15/08 – 14 miles
Wk33 wc 22/08 – 10 miles (route specific)
Wk34 wc 29/08 – Great Scottish Run 13.1 miles

I’ll do a plan of what I’m thinking for my training on another post…

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