Coaching session: Meaty speed work

Tonight I was fortunate enough to coach a School Champion (…from a few decades ago…)!

We’ll call her ‘Champ.’ 🙂

I’ve met and worked with Champ a few times now and had one previous coaching session with her. Champ is a very determined, competitive and brilliant runner. (I don’t think she realises just how good a runner she is). She’s got herself from walking to running and now she’s taught herself how to run.

She’s now a member of a running club, and shes also asked for me to coach her to help her get faster. So I’m going to help her do that. 🙂

Champ enters loads of events, and loves to compete with herself and posh herself to be great at what she does. She’s sensible, chatty and great company too. 🙂

My very own Super Champ to work with!

Tonight’s session involved a warm up run to Glasgow Green followed by 4 x 5 mins hard effort with recoveries.

5 mins hard effort are very meaty chunky speed work to do. Last coaching session we did 3 mins hard effort, 3 mins recovery. But tonight I wanted Champ to decide what recovery she needed.

So here’s how it went:

Hard effort 1: 9:29 pace
Hard effort 2: 10:02 pace
Hard effort 3: 9:33 pace
Hard effort 4: 9:34 pace

I’m always impressed by Champ when I meet her. A very nice, chatty, well informed and friendly runner she is. She doesn’t like to fail, so she’s always keen to push herself. 🙂

Tonight she ran very steady splits, especially in the 1st, 3rd and 4th. She really is a great runner! I continue to be impressed by her each time we meet.

Champs easy pace is around 12 – 12:30 minute miles, so she did very well to push herself to do 9:30-10:00 min pace efforts for 4 x 5 minutes tonight. (Look at the average pace of our session: 12:30. :-))

In total we did 5.5 miles (8.85k) in around 69 minutes. We walked as part if the cool down home and walked part of the recoveries.

Without the cool down, we did:
4.2 miles in 52 mins,
and without the warm up and cool down we did:
2.7 miles in around 33 mins (including around 13 mins of walking across 4 hard efforts).

Great work from Champ!

The idea of these speed sessions is that you work you body, heart and mind hard for short periods so that you get used to running faster. Your body, heart and mind then know you can run that fast and makes it easier in the future to run faster for longer (fingers crossed!).

You get fitter and stronger, you believe you can, you know you can, and you do!

My next steps with Champ is to continue speed work with her but to do shorter hard efforts, say 2 minutes, with 1 minute of recoveries where she gets used to jogging instead of walking for her recovery.

Maybe something like:
10 min warm up,
8 x 2 min hard effort : 2 min recovery jog,
10 min cool down.
52 mins in total.

I look forward to our next session together. 🙂

Oh and Champ us hoping to save up and buy either a Nike GPS watch it a Garmin with Heart Rate Monitor. As she knew already, I’d definitely recommend a Garmin: 110, 210 or 610… And if I were her I’d buy it from Amazon as they’re usually the cheapest with free delivery!

I’d love to help her get to know her heart rate zones so she can push herself to wherever she wants to go. Roll on our next session together.

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