Which type of DOG (runner) are you?

(of course there is, one when you get injured for example!)

(of course there is, one when you get injured for example!)

What constitutes as a good run for one person might be way different for another. 

Whilst one person might be time focused, always aiming to beat their last time… others may just be simply happy with getting around a route comfortably without stopping.  There are so many different people out there with so many different expectations of what a good run should be, or what a good run should feel like. 

From people who want to always run as fast as they can and beat their PBs, to more social runners who get the most from runs they do with friends, to people who are new to running who are learning all the time.  Some people think a good run is one where they find their Sweet Spot, where they see new sights or experience new places.   Others think a nice easy run or a fast strong run is a good run.  The only runs for me which are ‘bad’ runs, are the ones you get injured or don’t feel well on. 
I used to be focused on running fast, beating PBs and competing with myself, but with time I’ve learned that PBs and being fast isn’t the be all and end all.  Now a good run for me is either a social run, one where I reach my Sweet Spot, or on the odd occasion when I run on my own and get a good negative split and perhaps a PB.
See here for one example where I set myself around 10 goals which were not speed or time based. 

Anyway, good runs aside… what’s this post really all about…well, you’ve probably heard of the tortoise and the hare?  The tortoise takes his time and gets there in the end, the Hare goes all out, beasts it and sometimes doesn’t get there in the end.

Well, I want to share with you three groups of running types… and I’m going to use DOGS to get my point across:


  • dog1 old dogOld dogs are sensible, happy, sociable runners who are focused more on enjoying themselves than running fast and competing with others.
  • Old dogs know their own body and mind, and know how much they can push it.
  • They are sociable runners, who believe a good run is a social one, or one where they don’t get out of breath, and they don’t need to stop to walk.
  • They are happy to compete with themselves, but aren’t so focused on time, pace and PBS.
  • Old dogs can be new to running or experienced, and they enjoy themselves, see the world and take in everything.
  • Old dogs can take on any distance, and if they believe in themselves and keep putting one foot in front of the other, they’ll be able to endure anything that life throws at them. 


  • dog2 - puppiesPuppies tend to be new to running, they’re competitive, speed freaks who are always out to beat their last time.
  • They think running fast is key, and they don’t tend to chat too much on runs as they are too busy running as fast as they can, or faster than the other puppy beside them.
  • Puppies sometimes go out too fast and slow as they go, and it might help if puppies gained some experience and worked on pacing themselves and getting to know how to run smarter.
  • They are smiley, happy runners, always competing to beat themselves and others and will stop at almost nothing to get the runners high and do a great run / PB.
  • Puppies tend to only see what’s directly in front of them, as their bodies are working so hard to make them go fast.
  • Puppies tend to take on shorter distances to allow them to run even faster, however if and when they step up to longer distances they sometimes learn that speed isn’t everything.


  • dog3 - littlest hoboLittlest Hobos are very experienced runners who have competed in events and run hundreds and thousands of miles.
  • They know their bodies and minds inside out, believe in themselves and can run at almost any pace.
  • The Littlest Hobo is able to run easy, hard and long and their key talent is being able to run negative splits naturally or train for and beat PBs without really trying.
  • They can be very analytical of their own running and stats, but can also be very sociable and helpful runners who know that running fast isn’t the be all and end all.
  • The Littlest Hobos share their lives, running and experiences with others and tend to do any fast running on their own or with other likeminded other Littlest Hobos.
  • Littlest Hobos have seen the world and continue as they run to take everything in.
  • They have a good field of vision and are happy to help others have good runs dependant on their goals.

Of course there are all kinds of dogs (runners) out there…these are just three of the main types… 😉

So, which type of dog (runner) are you? 🙂

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