Kaizen Run Club Santa Dash Training Run 1

Today the Kaizen Run Club ran the Santa Dash route… from the Marriott Hotel, along Argyll Street, up (busy) Buchanan St, St Vincent St, down Finneston, along Lancefield Quay and back up Brown St to finish back at the hotel.  A total of 3.25 miles, so just over the 5k mark.  🙂

Today we had Susan, Sandra, Pauline, Bushra, Lee, Suleman, Martin and myself running….and a rather special guest runner with us…this little guy….:

Super Santa!

When we had all turned up I announced that we had a guest runner today, and asked them all to close their eyes as he was a bit shy.  Bemused…. they all closed their eyes and then they all laughed when they opened their eyes to Super Santa.

It was pretty funny, and I think every one now really thinks I should be taken away in a straight jacket.  😉  All fun anyway, and I think he (and his friends?) might join us on the next few runs.

And we think Super Santa was perhaps giving us Super Powers as all of the Kaizen Runners seemed to find it extremely easy.  Here’s the Garmin link to the run we did.  The guys finished in around 25 minutes, and the girls around 28-32 minutes.

A big shout out goes to Pauline who got a definite PB at 32 minutes (she ran her first 5k in 38 minutes not so long ago, so a great effort by her).  In fact everyone did really well on the run today.  😀

Most of the Kaizen Runners have signed up to do the fun Santa Dash, however I’m unable to make it as I’ll be teaching swimming, so I’ve said my forfeit will be to wear a Santa hat whilst at Kaizen Run Club until the Santa Dash on December 9th.  Hopefully some of them will join me or I’ll look even more of a ……….twat …. than I normally do.  😉

  Hey ho ho ho… it’s all for the fun of it.  🙂

I don’t mind looking like an idiot… but who of the Kaizen Runners will join me?  (I got the hat from Tesco by the way if you want to get yourself one. 😉 )

Want to join in our Kaizen Run Club?  Go here and sign up... we’re a good little welcoming fun run club and we run at Tuesdays at 18:15 and Sundays at 1pm (until the New Year when it will revert to 10:30am).

Or to sign up for the Santa Dash go here: http://www.glasgow.gov.uk/en/Residents/Parks_Outdoors/Activities/santadash.htm

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